Shoring Equipment Systems

FWS Shoring Equipment Systems

  • “Deck Fast” Post Shore Panelized Decking System
  • CC-4 Post Shore Aluminum Decking System with light weight, stronger beams. Panels and or joists for plywood
  • FWS Ladder Frames - pinned Top and Bottom jacks
  • FWS S-3 Headload Shoring System pinned TB (top) and BX (bottom) jacks
  • FWS Super Post Shores with stripping release
  • Aluminum Type 18K Post Shore Systems
  • Aluminum Beam Joist and Stringers
  • Cunningham Garage Beam System and components
  • Column Hung Roller Brackets
  • FWS Flying Shoring Tables
  • Steel and Fiberglass Pan Forms
  • Spanalls (Adjustable Horizontal Shores)
  • Crawl Space Low Height Systems
  • “Truss Joist” : TJI & Microlam
  • European H-2O Wood Joists